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Signal Cigarettes are proudly made by Ohserase Manufacturing, LLC. Our facility, located in Hogansburg, N.Y., is occupied by state-of-the-art equipment in a climate controlled environment. Because we use all-natural tobacco, Ohserase Manufacturing precisely regulates temperature and humidity from start to finish to ensure all tobacco products are manufactured to meet the highest standards. Our knowledgeable staff, with years of experience in the tobacco industry, oversee the production of Signal Cigarettes and make certain that every pack and carton that leaves our company is produced and packaged flawlessly.


Our all-natural, premium blend cigarettes are available in a variety of styles, from;
Full Flavor, Smooth, Ultra Smooth, Menthol, and Menthol Smooth.



Signal Filtered Cigar Full Flavor

Signal Filtered Cigar Smooth
Signal Filtered Cigar Menthol


signal filtered cigars

Signal Filtered Cigars are produced with same outstanding quality as our cigarettes. Waves of filtered cigar smokers have flocked to the Signal brand. For those who enjoy a rich, smooth tobacco product without sacrificing flavor, Signal Filtered Cigars are manufactured specifically for you at price that anyone can enjoy. Signal Filtered Cigars are currently available in three styles; Full Flavor, Smooth, and Menthol.



Signal Filtered Cigar Full Flavor Signal Filtered Cigar Full Flavor Signal Filtered Cigar Full Flavor


signal pipe tobacco

Tobacco connoisseurs who enjoy saving as much as smoking love our pipe tobacco products. Signal Pipe Tobacco is created with the same all-natural premium blended tobacco as our other fine products. Packaging our premium tobacco in our environmentally controlled facility guarantees that Signal Pipe tobacco will be as fresh when you open it, as the day it arrived at our plant. Try our Classic Blend, Smooth, or Menthol styles--all available in convenient six ounce and sixteen ounce re-sealable pouches.